Love Lasts

With the singing of the birds and the explosion of beautiful buds and leaves on the flowers and trees, we see the power of another spring announcing the glory of another Easter Sunday. As I watched the seemingly dead places where flowers stood last year produce green shoots that will soon bring those flowers back for another year, I marvel at the design of our Creator.


He could have made a plain, functional setting for us to live and work and have families. Instead, He provides all the colors of spring and all the activity of the plants and animals as a backdrop for our lives. It is a testimony to love that we have so much to enjoy during our time on this earth.


Like the return of spring each year, love returns to bless our lives again and again. Our relationships provide warmth and nurture through multiple interactions and hugs each day. Good friends smile to see us each time we have the pleasure of a little time together. Loving parents consistently get up and go to work and school, providing care to one another and to the children blessed to enjoy their provision. Love lasts.


When times are tough, love returns to renew and even reconcile our relationships. It is love that calls us to return to one another, express our commitment anew and repair any damage done by carelessness or circumstances. Love lasts.


The Good News of Easter announces the returning presence of a Lord who could not be contained by a rock tomb. As His life burst forth to return again to His friends and family, the power of His resurrection reminds us again that love lasts.


The Apostle Paul tells us near the end of his great chapter on love that all the religious manifestations we know will cease. Love never fails. Love will accompany us into eternity.


Hug your family and worship together this Easter Sunday. Celebrate the love that returns again and again into your life to bless you, nurture you and redeem you. Sharing loving thoughts, actions and habits keeps love alive throughout your family, your workplace, your school and your neighborhood.


Love lasts.

Dr. Matt Crain writes weekly for the Sunday newspaper from his Connecting Fathers and Families ministry.