Gender Confusion

Our culture continues to throw out the baby with the bath water. For years the church has echoed the Bible’s clear teaching that men should lead with a servant’s heart and a tender hand. Because some men have relied on power and control or abused those under their leadership, the culture now decrees that all male leadership is the enemy. Instead of just correcting what is wrong with the offending party, some insist that being male itself is the problem. Why would you amputate your arm because you developed a sore on it somewhere?  

God Created Male and Female. We experience His wisdom on a deep emotional level in the presence of others. The physical reactions God created are meant to be respected and controlled. Just because we have an emotional reaction to someone else doesn’t mean every impulse should be carried out or that the impulse itself is impure. It does mean that we should honor His creation and obey His directions for relationships.  

Leadership is Complex. Most of our time together is spent in fellowship and worship. These contexts allow for two completely different styles of leadership. We believe God ordained male leadership during worship. But God clearly allows broad freedom for males and females in other settings. Just because men pray in public doesn’t mean women shouldn’t pray! As we will learned in the auditorium this morning, the qualifications for elders make it clear that there is a joint role for shepherds and their wives. Otherwise, elders could be single.  

One Another. The most important principle in scripture is the exercise of love. As our current sermon series demands, “Do everything in love.” Paul taught that each part of the body should have the same care for others. Jesus taught that our leadership shouldn’t look like the culture; it should look like Him with a towel draped around his waist. We give everyone respect, consideration, love and forgiveness. Doing anything less is not acceptable to the Lord who will judge our actions.  

Don’t be confused by the culture; heed the teaching and example of the Master!