LIVE Worship Resumes May 3

We are offering two PUBLIC worship services beginning this Sunday, May 3. The seating is flexible so it has changed. The rows put you six feet behind the person in front of you and the chairs make it easy for you to leave a couple of spaces between you and the family next to you. The doors will be opened for you, communion will be served in disposable cups (one serving of bread AND one with juice) and your offering can be placed by you in the tray without passing anything. (There is plenty of room for the servers to walk between you and the row in front of you – wearing masks and gloves).
The chairs have been cleaned and disinfected during this past week. All others surfaces have been cleaned and sanitized. These precautions and the addition of several touch-less soap dispensers and hand sanitizers make it easier for you to relax and worship. We ask that you consider others when you think about shaking hands or hugging because it is not recommended at this time by those who are guiding our safety policies. They are calling it “physical distancing” now.

-No classes until June
-No children’s classes, groups or Kids on Fire during May
(The nursery will be closed and the fellowship hall will not serve anything – it will be closed as well until evening)
Worship only at 10:30 (while we hope to stream it live soon, this week will be posted on our webpage by 2:00pm Sunday afternoon for your participation)
-Evening worship at 5:00pm (First Sunday sharing from one of our men in the fellowship hall)
-Wednesday evenings from 7-8pm will offer a single class to discuss our Bible Readings (which turn to the New Testament and Psalms and Proverbs for the Summer)


PLEASE do not feel any obligation to attend if you aren’t feeling well, are in a high risk category due to your age or immune system or you are simply uncomfortable with being in public just yet. WE UNDERSTAND. Don and Mary can meet you Saturday between 11 and 1 if you would like to pick up communion supplies for your home worship.

Trust God for his protection and comfort whatever you choose and be wise. Your mask is welcome but I won’t wear one while preaching. Won’t it be wonderful to see each other again?