COVID-19 Update on March 14, 2020

We will continue meeting during regularly scheduled times Sunday and Wednesdays. We will continue to pray for the sick and God will continue to heal and protect according to His will.

We encourage you to stay home:
-if you are not well,
-if you are in a high risk group like the elderly,
-if you have or live with someone with a compromised immune system (like cancer patients)
-if you feel particularly uncomfortable being around people right now.

We will be streaming our services using Facebook Live from our Facebook Page (you can click HERE to open that link). Tune in at the regular time, sing with us, pray with us, commune with us and open your Bible with us. If you wish to give online, you can do that from our Home page or from THIS LINK.

Handshakes and hugs may be on hold but we are still the place Where Love Abounds