Thanks Mom!

           Carrying me, feeding me, changing me, singing to me, walking with me, taking me, encouraging me, teaching me, correcting me, following me, blessing me…loving me. You have done so much to make me everything I am. How can I thank you for your considerable kindness and dedication and faithfulness? I could always watch you and know how to do things. I could always listen to you and avoid all kinds of harm and heartache. I could always trust you to have my back when I tried to do things just out of my reach. You helped me, you watched me, you made sure I knew Jesus and showed me how to trust and love Him.


            God provided every child with a mother. Some feel unprepared. Others feel as ready as they will ever be. Each child is on loan from God. The assignment is temporary and has several stages beginning with total dependency. After caring for a child for a few years, little imaginary wings sprout on the back of a child that takes it further and further away from mom until it finally launches to return much less often. Parting is natural but painful for mother and child. Eventually, in many homes a mother’s own needs call a child back to reverse the care and provide all the love that was enjoyed during another time in life.


            We celebrate mom but it is awkward. We want to have a meal together but she doesn’t need to cook. Her daughter in law could cook but she is a mother also. Going out means crowds and busyness that make it harder to visit. It won’t matter. Whatever we do won’t begin to hold a candle to the love and care she has provided all of our lives.


            Thanks, mom. I owe my life to you. I owe any success I have enjoyed to you. I have confidence because of you. I know hard work because you showed me. I appreciate tenderness because you gave it to me. You loved dad and tempered his strength with your touch. I have enjoyed the blessing of having two parents longer than most. What an honor it is to share God’s word with you the way you shared it with me through all my years.


            Happy Mother’s Day!

Dr. Matt Crain writes weekly for the Sunday newspaper from his Connecting Fathers and Families ministry.