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The Origin of “Where Love Abounds”

I was present with my mentor, Brother Jack Hill when we were studying the New Testament passage where the idea of Love “abounding” was present.  It was 1 Thessalonians 3:12 where Paul repeatedly reflected his longing to be with the Thessalonian Christians once again.  The book is already so affectionate in its tone that Paul’s prayer that their love might “abound” even more impressed us greatly.  We began to talk together of how that theme would be good for our congregation too; that we should be a place “Where Love Abounds.”
The rest is history.  I graduated from the internship, Jack moved on to other ministries and my co-worker Judge Morris graduated on to Glory four short years ago.  Today after celebrating 86 years of rich heritage and history at the Carbondale Church of Christ, I celebrate the beginning of my fifth year as their preacher.
Carbondale has been and continues to be a place “Where Love Abounds.”
Come and see.
— Matt Crain, Minister

Welcome To The Place “Where Love Abounds”

ALL ages and backgrounds are represented among the diverse people that gather together at Carbondale before the Throne of God each Sunday. We believe this obeys Jesus command that we “Go into all the world” and take the good news of His life, death and resurrection to every living person.  The greatest commands to Love God and Love One Another are taught and practiced here!  YOU are welcome!